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If you don’t want read the post and just need the GitHub link, click here.

As a sysadmin you don’t have the opportunities like web or graphics designers to present your resume.
Although you could do some ascii art or stuff like that.

I searched a long time for the right way, to present my skills to potential employers.
The first try resulted in this. This is ok, but that ain’t fancy or any similar…
I wanted something more ‘sysadmin’ like. So I searched the web… and found Jquery-Terminal.

A great shell-like terminal for the web, for example to present some app or teach programs.

As I work all day on the cli, that would be a nice way to present it.
So I got a copy of Jquery-Terminal and used my goofy js-skills to present my skills.
As I am lazy guy, who to automate everything, I couldn’t imagine to change the js all the time. Why not automate the process?

So what now?

I took a yaml-file and wrote down all the stuff I am able to do. This resulted in this:
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The next step, how to bring this into the html/js file? python and jinja2.

So you take your index.html, replace all sections with jinja2 tags, for example {{ skills }}, and render it with your yaml file.

Ok it ain’t that easy 😉 But not that hard.

Don’t worry, I did that for you. You can see my example here: terminalCV

How to make use of it?

Like I said, I did all the stuff already for you.

You only need to take this 5 steps:

1. Clone the github-Repository:

2. Install the requirements:

3. Edit the about.yml with your editor:

4. Render the template:

5. Publish it wherever you want, it is plain html,css and JS, so no runtime is required.

Just rsync the folder www/ to your hoster or server.

(6. Open up a beer for doing a great job marketing yourself 😉 )
(7. Buy me a beer )

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